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Romco label

Out of Wichita, Kansas the Romco label (owned by Richard Miller?) seems to have been short lived. Two singles were issued and an album by sixteen-year old Isabel Baker, all this in 1965. That's her on the cover, holding a Fender Jaguar. I have no confirmation that the album was pressed by Rite. But I don't have indication that it was not pressed by Rite Records, so it's listed here. Note that the lead guitarist Bob Garvey on the album is likelyRobert Bruce Garvey who wrote both sides of The Breakers single. Was he also the lead guitarist of this garage band?

The Breakers
Romco 101
15013 ~ She's Bound To Put You Down
15014 ~ Tears In The Rain

She's Bound To Put You Down

Larry Hurst/The Keys
Romco 102
15011 – Sea Of Love
15012 – Linda Lou

Linda Lou

Isabel Baker
Romco LP HF-101
"I Like God’s Style"

Side 1 :
1 - I Like God's Style - 2:10
2 - The Gaderian - - 2:29
3 - When I Walk in the Valley - 2:09
4 - It Wasn't Done in a Corner - 1:51
5 - This O'Le Worlds' a Big Let Down - 2:38
6 - Seven Thousand More - 1:55

Side 2 :
1 - I'm Coming Back to Thee - 1:56
2 - I Have Peace - 2:51
3 - You Gotta Meet Him - 2:37
4 - All is Vanity - 2:21
5 - He's Never Too Late - 2:18
6 - God's Big Heart - 2:48

Cut June 18th and 19th, 1965 at the studios of High Fidelity Recordings Inc., 445 N.Oliver, Wichita, Kansas.

Isabel Baker, Rhythm,
Joe Utterback, piano
Bob Garvey, lead
Don Nunn, bass
Jim Kincaid, drums

I Like God's Style

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  1. Bob Garvey (Robert Bruce) is the lead guitarist in the Breakers. He was playing a Gretch Tennesseean on this cut. The Breakers were more than a garage band. We played all over Kansas and Oklahoma and opened at the Cotillion Ball Room in Wichita for groups a varied as Paul Revere and the Raiders and Tony Bennett. At the Red Dod Inn we played on the same bills as Rick Nelson, The Supremes, The Kingsmen and The Flippers (among others.) Other members of the band were the late Johnny Dondlinger on drums, the late Chuck Comley on vocals, Greg Salmon on keys, Rick Prouse and Rick Peterson on bass (at different times) John Baker and Gus Keats on brass and John Fleming on vocals and rhythm guitar.