Monday, February 9, 2009

Country Boy Don McHan

Country Boy Don McHan Sings the Gospel
Laurel LSLP-116
Cullowhee, North Carolina
Unknown Rite numbers

Side One –

He's Just A Touch Away
That Little Church I Carry
He'll Do The Same For You
Jesus' Power
One Heartbeat Away

Side Two –

St. John
He Breathes In Me
Jubilee On Smoky Mountain
This Carpenter Loves You
The Garden Of Your Mind

Don McHan worked in the entertainment world for a number of years with groups like Jim & Jesse and he has written over a hundred songs that are on record by various artists, like Loretta Lynn ("The Pill") and Waylon Jennings. A performer, songwriter and musician Don went home (passed away) in 2003.

About "The Pill" the song he co-wrote :

[Excerpt from Music of the Counterculture Era, a book by James E. Perone]
Altough it might not ordinarily be considered a true counterculture classic, one of the great feminist songs of the 1970s was Loretta Lynn, T.D. Bayless and Don McHan’s « The Pill ». Lynn included the song on her 1975 album Back To The Country. Not only did the single release achieve success on the country charts, it also made it onto the pop charts. Due to the sympathetic treatment of birth control, the song wa banned by Boston radio stations, which helped « The Pill » gain consderable notoriety. « The Pill » also appeared on Loretta Lynn’s 1976 album Blue-Eyed Kentucky Girl. In the context of the latter album, which featured songs that looked at life from a uniquely female perspective, the appearance of « the Pill » suggest the extent to which reproductive freedom for women was becoming mainstream at the end of the counterculture era.

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  1. Don McHan wrote music for a couple of my songs and we were co-writer on them. I never met him but talked to him on the phone. I had demos made of our songs and decided I liked his voice and style best . I just moved here to NC in the Stanley area and wanted to look him up. I am sad he is has gone . But I no he is with the Lord . He singing up there with others he no's . His name will always be on our songs. Betty Swedensky