Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Shannings

The Shannings

Texas (?)

Two 1968 releases on the Viv-Vi label, both by The Shannings.

The name of the publisher, Tata Grande, is perhaps an indication of a Texas location, as the name is also found on Injun 603 (Baby Doll, Vincent Renilli - Houston Texas) and on the Sleeper label (Learnin' to pick, Chris Collins - East Texas or Louisiana).

"Skip" Andrews is the songwriter (or the Shannins' lead?).

20411 – Love Is For Fools
20412 - A Mood In
Produced by Gene Deans & Bill Wiggs

22357 – I Need You
22358 – The End Of The World
Produced by Gene Deans, Bill Wiggs, Dick Etheridge

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