Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Missionary Gospel Singers of Cleveland Ohio

The Missionary Gospel Singers of Cleveland Ohio

Acquarian 9935
Hattiesburg, Miss.

10339 - Lord You Been Good
10340 - On The Other Side

Rite account # 352

Lord You Been Good.


Black female gospel shouter with bluesy guitar. A Calvin C. Brown production.

Possibly the only Acquarian record pressed by Rite : most all others were pressed by Southern Plastics of Nashville. The Acquarian label was just one of many labels owned by Calvin C. Brown, but it was his most prolific. Later releases on the label had addresses in Stuttgart, Arkansas, then in Memphis, Tennessee.

Earliest Calvin Brown's labels located in Hattiesburg were pressed by Rite Records :
  • Marathon (The Original Five Blind Boys of Mississippi), 1959
  • Central (Prentis and Doris Parker, with the Zionettes, Guitar Dave), 1960
In 1968, he produced "Cummins Prison Farm" by Calvin Leavy for the Shelby Singleton's Blue Fox label and subsequently launched in Stuttgart, Arkansas his Riceland (1969) and Soul Beat (1970-1973) labels

The Missionary Gospel Singers
Back row center : Mrs. Elvina Finger, front row right : Mrs. Dean

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