Thursday, February 19, 2009

Julius Thomas

Julius Thomas
Wild 907
36875 - I Gotta Change My Ways (If I’m To Keep Her) (Part 1)
36876 - I Gotta Change My Ways (If I’m To Keep Her) (Part 2)

Boston, Mass., 1976

Scored and conducted by Roger Baker
Engineer : Mike Golub
Produced and arranged by Julius Thomas for Lew Tobin Enterprises
A « Skippy White » production

"Skippy White" (real name Fred LeBlanc) grew up in Waltham, Massachusetts. He fell in love with the doo-wop sound when he was young. He started working in Boston in 1960 as a deejay at WILD-AM, where he became, reluctantly, Skippy White.

White rented a storefront for $50 and opened his own record store. Both store and radio show clicked. White stayed at WILD for eight years before moving on to a series of other stations.

He also owned at least three record labels : Wild, Bluestown and Silver Cross. He was also certainly involved in production for others local labels such as the Ditto label (the C-Quins) and for the Stop label.

For the Julius Thomas release, the Wild label, likely dormant for years, was revived in association with Lew Tobin, owner of Sterling Records, a song-poem concern.


  1. Hello,

    Great song, and great blog!

    I've actually been trying to find the copy of this record for a while and enjoy this beautiful song, but was unsuccessful. The mp3 files are either complete or in high quality, but not both, and the part 2 is nowhere to be found. Do you where I could find them, both part 1 and 2, in high quality? Would it be possible for you to upload them? Thank you.

  2. has a copy for sale.

    here :

  3. Its not expensive,bought a mint-copy for 15.00