Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dave Woolum and The Laurel County Partners

Account #1279

Dave Woolum and The Laurel County Partners
The Greatest Reunion Of All, LP
Melody Records MLP-15
Hamilton, Ohio.

From the lp liner notes :

Dave Woolum and The Laurel County Partners have been playing music and singing together for the past eight years, and are one of the leading Blue Grass groups in the Midwest. They were a featured act on the Renfro Valley Show during 1960 through 1962, and were heard both on the Saturday night show and on Renfro Gathering on Sunday morning.

They are now heard every Saturday night over radio station WMOH, where they have been a featured act for the past five years.

The Laurel County Partners are comprised of Dave Woolum, Dale Shore, Virgil Joseph, Jim Hardin and Sandy Kaye.

Dave Woolum is a native of Laurel County, Kentucky, and plays bthe rhytm guitar and sings the lead.

Dale Shore, another native of Laurel County, is a Cherokee Indian, plays the five string banjo and sing bass. Dale is also an accomplished artist on the auto harp and flat top guitar.

Virgil Joseph was born in Laurel County and plays the guitar and sings tenor.

Jim Hardin is a native of Pike County, Kentucky, and is featured on the mandolin and sings high tenor.

The beautiful and talented young lady featured on this album is Sandy Kaye, who hails from Hazrrison, Indiana. She joined the group about a year ago, and has steadily grown in popularity wherever the group appears.

Rollin Bennett is featured on the fiddle, and is now serving with the Air Force verseas.

Kenny McVey is featured on the Dobro guitar, and Kenny does a mighty fine job.

MELODY RECORDS is mighty proud to have this fine group as Melody Recording Artist, and trust that you will enjoy this album as you listen to the great variety of songs contained herein.

William M. Jones, President

P.O. BOX 145


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