Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Clifton Sisters on Delta

The Clifton Sisters
Delta Records No #
34289 - Precious Lord
34290 - Better Place To Live

I can't tell you much about this gospel recording by The Clifton Sisters but I can share some details of it's production. On January 28, 1975, James Thomas of the Soul Shack in Raleigh, North Carolina placed his production order with RITE Records for this recording. On April 18, 1975, the order was completed and his records were delivered. Two to six months was typical for production and delivery of RITE pressings during this time. RITE's Master Logs indicate that Mr. Thomas was a very good customer and ordered many records pressed by RITE during the 1970's.

View 1975 RITE Master Log Page for record above

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