Monday, November 24, 2008

Emperor M-63-G-S-1

George Adams & Skinney Clark with Joe Tippie
Emperor M-63-G-S-1 (63)
10979 – Fairytale
10980 – Mister Heartache

George Adams first recorded in 1956. It was two of his own self-penned tunes, "Reckless Heart" and "I Gave My Love To Someone New" that they were released by James M. Black's Black Crest Records in 1956.

In 1958, George Adams was asked by long-time star of the WWVA Jamboree, Ramblin' Roy Scott to join his Country Harmony Boys band and become a part of that legendary Saturday night show.

George played the bass guitar in Ramblin’ Roy Scott's band, the Country Harmony Boys. He formed a bit of a duet team with another menber of the band, the lead guitarist, Skinney Clark. That gave some variety to the show. The two of them worked so well together that eventually the Jamboree gave them their own spot on the show in 1963.

From 1963 to 1971, George and Skinney developed into one of the most popular acts on the famed WWVA Jamboree. Their appearances took them across the Eastern United States and into Canada, going as far north as Nova Scotia.

The two of them recorded for several labels and would record songs that George had written. In 1967, they recorded a tune in Columbia's Nashville studios called "The Hurtin' Game" that was released on the Great Records label. It got them national airplay and appeared on many Top 40 charts.

Earl R. `Skinney' Clark later formed his own band, The Country Caravan, with John Carroll, Bill Thomas and Nancy King. He died in 2001.

Joe Tippie, a steel guitarist, played later with Tommy Wills and Jimmie Crane.

The Emperor label was founded in 1955 by Hardrock Gunter and Buddy Durham.

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