Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dapper 1025

Dapper 1025
31185 - Get Out Of Bed
31186 - Visions Of Mind

Side 1 is a song penned by Livingston Taylor, brother of singer James Taylor ( Rangle is the name of the credited artist on this side) .
Side 2 is penned by V.Rangle (or Victor Rangel as the name appears in the BMI database). Recorded in Youngstown, Ohio, at the Peppermint Studios which was owned by Gary Rhamy..
The record has "Ellwood City, Pa." as address, probably the address of Victor Rangel/Rangle.

Vic Rangel recorded with the Bell Boys on Jamar Records (1968)

Peppermint records discography
Peppermint label discography
Gary Rhamy

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