Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Donna Lynn on Trynorr

Donna Lynn
Trynorr T-0002 - (1963)
11405 - Till the End of Time
11406 - Lovin' is His Middle Name (wr. C.Matthews, Tell Dell Music BMI)
Rite client account number : 1089
Acknowledgments : E-bay seller soulmancandy (Bronx, NY)

I believe that is the first record of the same young singer [born in 1950] who recorded the following year for Capitol the novelty song "My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut". She had also a pair of 45s on Epic and one single on Palmer, a Detroit label.

It is also safe to assume that Trynorr was just another of these one-off labels produced by Odell Bailey, considering his involvment in the other records with the same Rite client account and the name of the publisher (Tell-Dell). Among his one-off labels also pressed by Rite : Art-Flow (The Four Townsmen), Reuben (The Contrails), Del-la (Grant Street Exit).

Odell Bailey (1923-2004) was one of the first black pioneers to ever have a record store out of Pittsburgh. He later moved to Detroit. He helped George Benson get his career started and he helped Patti LaBelle get her career started. He owned Varbee Records (in Pittbsurgh) and Millage Records (in Detroit).


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