Sunday, November 30, 2008

Four Reputation on Millage

Four Reputation
Millage 105 [1967]
Detroit, MI. & Pittsburgh, PA.
20691 – Sorry
20692 – Call On Me

Very rare label owned by Odell Bailey. Much sought-after by the northern soul records collectors, this obscure label had about nine releases.

Millage label discography
101 - Kazia - I Say Please/ What Is My Last Heartache
101 - Tawney Vonne - I Say Please/ ?
101 - The Grant St.Exit - That's Why I Love You / I Got Soul
102 - The Captions - Hit It / Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
104 - The Contrails - Feel So Fine / Make Me Love You
105 - Kelley St.Clair - You Took My Heart (Make You Cry) /Funny
105 - The Four Reputation - Call On Me/Sorry
1042 - Kelly St.Clair - Darkness On Your Mind / Don't Look Over Your Shoulder
? Kelly St.Clair – Waitin On The Bus/ I’ll Give You The World

The strangest thing about this label is the stickers and rubber stamp that I've found on various copies :

Usually these stickers are found on complimentary copies sent by the label, by the producer or by the song's publisher to influent personnalities in the show-business (DJ for instance).
-- Then, was it some sort of association between the funeral home and the label? It's doubtful, I think.
--Or Sirloin & Leonard were given away records to their best customers?? Even more doubtful.
--Or some employee (or even the boss) of the mortuary has choose to mark his ownership on the records this way??? Perhaps.

The life is full of mysteries.

Update 2/2/2016 : On Millage Records see

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