Monday, November 17, 2008

Perry McKinley and the Country Guildmen

Perry McKinley and the Country Guildmen
Label : Kingdom
Mansfield, Ohio
year: 1971
27401 – I’ll Hold You In My Heart ‘Till I Can Hold You In My Arms
27402 - These Blues Have Got Me Crying Again

Perry McKinley's recent picture

[Today] Mr. Perry McKinley, neighbor and friend of fiddler-player Krista Solars and her family, plays accompaniment acoustic guitar on all of Krista's CDs. When Krista performs live, Perry is always there to accompany her (and the show is never complete without a few of his jokes, either). A Free Mason, he also hand-makes guitars, mandolins, mandolas, and banjos in a workshop at his home. The guitar he currently plays on is of his own make, as well as one of the fiddles Krista plays on. []



  1. That's All Rite Mama is a blog good to read I came across now, in one of my virtual wanderings, and I like particularly this post which discloses a Perry McKinley with whom I was on the whole unaquainted, hitherto. I got even interested in knowing further. Congratulations on your blog, from far away Brazil.

  2. My husband just bought a McKinley guitar and would love to find more information about this wonderful sounding instrument. How can we do this?