Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rev. and Mrs. A.R. Vander Ploeg

Rev. and Mrs. A.R. Vander Ploeg

CP-1215 - The Train Song
CP-1216 - Led By The Masters Hand

Musical Vann's 7

Rev. and Mrs. A.R. Vander Ploeg
CP-1217 - Down From His Glory
CP-1218 - Someday, It Won't Be Long

Musical Vann's 8

631 Green Street
Toledo, Ohio

According to an article published in 1951, the Rev. Vander Ploeg was a chaplain during the last war, "The minister and his wife play a variety of instruments including the electric organ, piano, accordion, cornet, electric guitar, banjo and musical saw. This evening they will show a religious film, "The Man that Forgot God." Saturday the entire evening will be devoted to a sacred musical program. The Rev. and Mrs. Vander Ploeg have traveled in 45 states and two foreign countries.
Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · October 19, 1951 
These two early Rite pressings came after several 78 RPM releases and predates albums, all on the same Musical Vann's label.

The Reverend A.R. Vander Ploeg died on September 15, 1964.

The Musical-Vann's

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