Sunday, August 23, 2015

Paul Helms, Jughead Godwin and the Allen Brothers

Paul Helms - Jughead Godwin
with Allen Brothers

35967 - Jugheads Flop-Eared Boogie 
wr. C. Helms-Godwin

Paul Helms and the Allen Brothers

35968 - Tax Happy State
wr. Paul Helms

Tennessee Valley Boys Recording

Scottsboro, Ala.


Jugheads Flop-Eared Boogie was penned in 1953 by Eskil M. Godwin.   Godwin was born on Sand Mountain near Grove Oak, Alabama in 1925. Early in his life he became an entertainer.  He has traveled extensively and appeared with such famous named stars as Uncle Dave Macon on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Lester Flatt and others.

In the sixties, he sold peanuts for a living.  He had a peanut stand at a corner of the courtsquare of some Alabama town : 
Although he is handicapped, he asks no favors.  In this day of welfare and the dole, Godwin is a good example of American ingenuity and freedom of enterprise.  Each week, he buys and roast 150 pounds of peanuts.  He roasts his peanuts in an old refrigerator he has modified, using charcoal to heat them.  Godwin told the Advertiser Interviewer he walks 15 miles per day peddling his sacks of peanuts. 
Godwin has what he calls a specialty act.  In reality it is a one man show.  Godwin plays his harmonica and accompanies himself by “flopping his right ear,” slapping it vigorously with his hand, making rhythmic sound similar to a bass fiddle.  He also buck dances….all at the same time.

Godwin has a record of a song he wrote in 1953 called “Jughead’s Flop Eared Boogie”.  He also has other songs he has written and hopes to record.
Eskil "Jughead" Godwin passed away in 1992.


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