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38683 -  Learn To Laugh 
Frank & John Muratore

38684 - Foxy Lady

Recorded At Krieger Field Recording Co. 
Eng. Tom Krieger
Producer Jack Smith


The Krieger-Field Recording Studios were located in Akron, , Ohio.  Some rock bands recorded there such as White Harvest, Devo and Tin Huey.

Frank Muratore has been a lifelong resident of Ohio, born and raised in a musical family. From his mother’s singing talent, to his brother John’s accomplishments on classical guitar, Frank had an early introduction to rock and roll from the family radio, listening to the pioneers Chuck Berry, Ricky Nelson, and the Everly Brothers.The real revelation was 1964’s performance of the Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Through his older brothers, Frank was exposed to the Beatles even earlier when all saw the famous “Jack Parr Show” performance, and all thought how strange they looked. Buying the first Beatles record in January of 1964 before they were on “Ed Sullivan” put Frank first in his classroom to have the new sound, and later that year, he formed his first tribute, calling themselves The Jr. Beatles. After playing several instruments in high school, and forming a rock band with his brother, Frank has performed in several professional groups through college and after.

In 1996, he joined Hard Day’s Night, A Beatles tribute band,  to fulfill his dream to one day be a Beatle, and has had a “fab” time ever since.

Frank Muratore (left) as Paul McCartney

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