Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alex Udvary presents the Cimbalom

Alex Udvary
presents the Cimbalom

Side 1  [30791]

1. Love Theme From "The Godfather"
2. Wave
3. Something
4. Theme From "Love Story"
5. How About You
6. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life

Side 2  [30792]

1. Hava Naguila
2. Lara's Theme From "Doctor Zhivao"
3. I Am A Shepherd Boy At Tarnoca - Quick Scardas
4. Al Di La
5. Zorba The Greek
6. Excerpts From The Roumanian Rhapsody

From the back cover
This record marks the first time in the world the Cimbalom has been recorded with this repetoire and instrumentation.  The cimbalom derives from the zither family and from hammer-struck instruments.  Although history tells us that an instrument of this type was used in China and Egypt and was unpopular because of its complexity, it found its way to Greece in about 700 B.C.  In Greece it is called the Santouri.   It flourished in Asia Minor and is now one of the basic regional isntruments in Turkey, Persia, Arabia and Syria.  In these parts of the world, those incredibly talented musicians, the Gypsies, first became devotees of the Cimbalom.  The Gypsies helped the cimbalom to become the Hungarian national instrument.  In England it is called a dulcimer.

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