Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Churchmen Quartet : "Love Is Why" (You And I Are Free)

The Churchmen Quartet (With Jimmy Barkley At The Piano)
Presents  "Love Is Why" (You And I Are Free)  (1965)

Side 1  (15429)

The Churchman Medley :
I Am Resolved
Power In The Blood
Showers Of Blessing
Kneel At The Cross

Welcome Home My Child
Precious Memories
When We All Get To Heaven
Love Is Why

Side 2  (15430)
Satisfied With Jesus
On Bended Knees
Keep On The Firing Line
Dear Jesus Abide With Me
How Great Thou Art

The Churchmen Quartet was organized in the latter months of 1960 in Savannah, Georgia.  Membership was composed of two local business men and two enlisted Air-Force men.

From the beginning the expressed purpose of the group has been to witness for Christ through the ministry of Gospel singing.  To this end they have appeared regularly in church services, revival meetings, hom-coming and special events in churches of various denominations in Savannah and adjacent communities.  Their ministry includes periodic permormances on television and radio programs.

Since 1963 personnel changes occured and the present group felt a change in name was in order.  Prayerfully they sought the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and after consultation with a local clergyman, individually and collectively God appropriately led them to "The Churchmen."

James W. Barkley — accompanist.  Jimmy is 49 years of age and the newest member of the quartet.  He joined the group in September 1964.  He is the only bachelor in the group and is in the floral business.

Owen T. Brown — bass.  Owen is 55 years of age, is one of the founders, is married, has two sons and one daughter, and has the distinction of being the only "Grandpa" in the group.  He is employed by the State of Georgia.

George L. Harrell — baritone.  George is 45 years of age, is married and has a son and two daughters.  He is also one of the founders.  He is employed by the Federal Government.

William R. DeWitt — 1st tenor.  He is married and has three sons.  Bill joined the quartet in November 1963. He is employed in one of the local banks.

Cecil E. Milligan — 2nd tenor.  Cecil is 41 years of age, joined the quartet in February 1964, is married and has one daughter and two boys.  He is employed in a large paper mill.

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