Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ronnie presents New Songs of Today

Ronnie presentsNew Songs of Today
 Sung by Ben Tate

Ronnie  L-230
Distributed by Paragon Productions
 1265 Broadway, New York

Side 1 (19519)
1. It Will Never Change (Joseph J. Larue)
2. It's Springtime Once Again (Joseph J. Larue)
3. Memory Of A Broken Heart (Helen Markwardt)
4. Let Jesus Come In (Anne Mayer)
5. Brown Eyed Baby (Wilbur C. Long)
6. Memories, Wonderful And Gay (Elfriede Soond)
7. My Lord (Mrytle Dunning) Sic
8. Life  (Rose Anderson)
9. I Want To Go Fishing With You (Arthur F. Wendland)
10. Don't Quit (Ruth A. Wray)
11. You've Torn My Heart To Shreds (Ada Redford)

Side 2 (19520)
1. Bunny (Bert J. Blickenstaff)
2. Rose, Throw Me Your Rose (Anthony Belanger)
3. Silvery Georgia Moon (Marvin E. Reed)
4. Lonesome Lee (Eugene L. Mullinix)
5. Cling To Me (Joan Landi)
5. No One Knows (Hubert Bridges)
7. You Want To Ry (Charles J. Suttle)
8. Life (Lucille Respress)
9. Really Real (Harrison Arnold)
10. Happy Memories (Leroy Thomas)
11. Goodbye Forever (Katherine Crowe)

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