Sunday, March 10, 2013

Steve Schickel on Foremost

Steve Schickel

CP-1333 - Don't Lie    sample
Williams-Hart, Windy City Music

CP-1334 - What A Night

Foremost FM 115

November 11, 1957, Billboard

Steve Schickel was record editor for The Chicago Tribune, deejay for three years on WGN, free-lance promotion man, music and coin reporter for The BillboardMercury public-relations director (1960-1962) and WGN newsman from 1962

This Foremost release is his second record, the first being on Mercury Records in 1956, "Leave My Sideburns Be", a take-off of "you know who" backed with "Cry-Baby Boogie".  
Two other songs from the same Mercury sessions remained unissued : "Educated Rock And Roll"  and  "What A Night" , the latter finally issued (or re-recorded?) by Foremost Records.

Note : this is NOT the Kansas City Foremost label.

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