Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clay Daniels on River

Clay Daniels

11301 -  Tammy Teresa

11302 - I'm Alone
 (Marion Carpenter, Singing River Pub. Co. BMI)

    River 706
Biloxi, Mississippi 

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Clay Daniels, the son of an Alabama construction worker, began singing as a child, and always loved country music.   In his youth, Daniels worked as an afternoon DJ on WHEP in Foley, Ala.  After graduating from Foley High School, he studied broadcasting in Chicago (Midwestern Broadcasting School).  He worked as a DJ at Mobile-area radio stations WUNI, WTUF and WZAM.   He also worked as a weatherman at WALA Channel 10 in Mobile,  and performed on WALA's "Friendly Variety Show," hosted by the late Jack Cardwell.   Announcer and program director at WPMP, Pascagoula, Miss. (1964).  At Miami and Tampa radios and finally at WHOO, in Orlando, Florida until 1991.

In 1970, he was the first artist released on the Souncot label, a subsidiary of the Koscot Cosmetic Co., Orlando, Florida.  The record was cut in Nashville and produced by ex-recording artist Ric Cartey (Billboard September 5, 1970)

In his later years, Daniels joined a couple of other friends to create The Three Amigos, who performed the "animal circuit" of Moose, Elk and Eagles lodges.  

Clay Daniels died of cancer in 2009  the day after he turned 72.

He liked Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson, but he preferred George Jones and Willie Nelson. "It was never as good as the good old days," said Delight, his wife of 29 years.

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