Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gene Mills on Dixie

 Gene Mills

    CP-3179 ~ Yodlin' Chime Bells
(York, Starday BMI)

CP-3180 ~ Nickel Worth Of Dreams

Dixie 841


 Native of Salem, Iowa, Gene Mills has been playing guitar most of his life and in his younger days was a good yodeler.   He played various venues in his home state including the Fort Madison Rodeo.and the Iowa State Fair.   He took off for the West Coast and spent many years living in Hollywood.

In the mid-sixties, he had DeVille Records releasing "I Want To Be A Cowgirls Sweetheart" "Emotions".

I believe it's him also on Jin Records of Louisiana : "Chime Bells" /  "Rocking Rollin' Ocean" (Jin 284, 70s).

Mills says he's played the Grand Ole Opry and he's met Johnny Cash. His life sounds like a David Allen Coe song. In fact Mills - who spent many years living in Hollywood - was cast in a movie with the Man in Black. The movie was to be Jimmie Rodgers' life story. Rodgers is considered one of the fathers of country music. The movie was never put into production, however.

 Read more about Gene Mills here : 
Longtime country singer and native of Salem to take stage at Captain Kirk's


  1. I always persumed this was a Starday Custom Press?

  2. Oh yes, it is. I forget to mention that.

  3. Ok so it is a starday pressing. Where does the rite CP 3179/80 come into things then? I'm confuseed. Can it be both a starday press & a Rite press?

  4. For a very simple reason :

    Starday didn't have any pressing plant. We should say Starday custom series" instead of Starday pressing.

    Starday used a variety of pressing plants including Columbia and King.

    Here, the Rite CP mark and numbers are found in the dead wax.

    Hope this is clear now for you, Drunken Hobo?

  5. Yes I have seen a few more I thought where Starday customs with rite CP numbers. Thank you, That makes it clear. I allways thought Starday had there own plant. So much to learn !!!!