Thursday, March 7, 2013

Globe Recording Studio, Sample Demos (LP)

Globe Recording Studio, inc.
Sample Demos

Side 1 - CP-5263
First Group
Demo No. 1's :

French Perfume
Our Moment Is Now
Too Little Too Late (By The Mystery Girl)

The Hand Of God
Daisy Chains And Cherry Earrings
On You It Looks So Good (By Sonny Marcel)

2nd Matadore (By Ken Richards

Demo No. 1pg

Misery Train (By Lee James)

Second Group
Demo No. 2's

Lonely Lips
Itching Heart
Good Little Girl (By Kris Arden)

Salt, Salt, Salt
Biggest Fool In Town (By Sammy Marshall)

I'm Through With You (By Ken Richards)

Side 2 - CP-5264

First Group
Demo No. 3's

Just Waiting For You
I Keep Praying (By Kris Arden)

Outside Of That
Crazy Dog Dance
Should I Tell My Heart (By Sammy Marshall)

I've Found An Angel (By Lee James)

The Image Of You (By Mary Kaye


Lucianna (By Gary Lawrence)

Second Group
Echo Demonstration; Demo No. 4's

I Wonder And Johnny You Left Me (By The Coquettes)

Demo No 5's

True Love Come Back (By The Markees)
Mood Indigo (By The Cones)

Ideal Bread, Sealtest And Rudy's Sausage Jingles

Samples (oddly presented) of songs recorded by the most prolific of the song-poem recording studio. Names of artists listed are all familiar to the song-poem collectors or discographers   However, none of these songs seems to be listed anywhere, except "Itching Heart" issued on the Dial label. See HERE.  Three commercial jingles are ending the side two.

Ebay seller has "sampled the samples" on Youtube,  here

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