Sunday, March 24, 2013

Johnnie Forrer on Bow and Arrow

Johnnie Forrer
9355 ~ Long Gone 
Johnnie Forrer ~ Moss Rose BMI

9356 ~ I Just Think Of You
Johnnie Forrer ~ Moss Rose BMI
Prod. by Gene Crawford At Forrer Studios
Bow And Arrow 1003
6207 Sherwood Ave.
Houston, TX

Johnnie Forrer was previously on Pappy Daily's D Records in 1958  (D 1021 : Fools Paradise is on YouTube).     He was later produced by Eddie Noack at Music City Recorders in Nashville ("Singing the Blues Again" , Studio Records, a Waco, Texas label.  
Johnnie E Forrer was born in 1927.  He died in 2005 and is buried in the cemetery: Houston National Cemetery, which is located in Houston, TX.

The tiny Bow and Arrow label  (only three releases) was owned by Kenneth N. Everett, which is the real name of Gene Crawford, star in the early sixties of the "Gold Coast Jubilee," beamed each Sunday over KTRK-TV, Houston,


  1. 1001 Gene Crawford standing At The Chapel
    1002 Billy Bownds World Of Make believe
    1003 Johnnie Forrer LOng Gone
    1005 Bobby Wayne Tomorrow Will Be Just Like Today
    1006 Gene Craford Mister Heartbreak

  2. I have 13 45's of Johnny Forrer's "The Real Thing" (My Blues, side B) that I found at my late grandfather's house, along with a few small posters used to advertise him. My grandfather played steel guitar even way before then, so I'm thinking he had all these 45's to promote this Johnny. He may have even been the one to play the steel guitar in this demo record. I may never know. The records are in great condition in their sleeves. Not sure what to do with them lol.

  3. Johnnie Forrer is my father-in-law.

  4. Johnnie Forrer is my father-in-law.