Friday, May 1, 2009

Rubbertown Sound label

The Elevations
Rubber-Town-Sound 106

21853 - Philly Dog pt 1
21854 - Philly Dog pt 2

A Rubbertown Sound Production.

Steel Records 101 W. Federal St. Youngstown, Ohio.

According to, "the Elevations was a five member male soul group who were students at Akron's South High School. They won a city wide talent contest that resulted in a contract with Rubbertown Records. The group released two 45s on Rubbertown."

Rubbertown Sound discography

101 The Lucky Charms "I Want A Love Of My Own/ Bad Loving"

102/ 3 The Cashmeres "This Moment/ The Sandman" 1968 R-21849/ 50

104/ 5 The Elevations "A Change Is Gonna Come/ No Doubt About It" 1968 R-21851/ 2

106 The Elevations "Philly Dog/ Pt. 2" 1968 R-21853/ 4

1719 The Cashmeres "Darling You Send Me/ Summertime" (also on Sound Stage 7 2666)

RT-27918/9 The Jewels "Papa Could Swear/ Long Gone Baby" 1971 (Miami, FL address)


  1. Hello, I am Mery White one of the original members of Rubbertown Sound's female singing group 'The Lucky Charms'. Though not noted on the 45 record of 'I Want A Love Of My Own/Bad Loving', Brenda Vincent sang lead on 'I Want A Love Of My Own' at that time she was the wife of Louis Vincent also a singer with Rubbertown Sound. I wrote and sang lead vocals on 'Bad Loving'. The other two original members of the group were Pat Bronner and Deitra Darnel.
    James White Mahoney designed the record label logo and was a singer with 'The Shades Of Love' which included George Bracket, Loius 'Silky' Vincent and Bernard Lawson. James White Mahoney was also instrumental in support and
    operation of Rubbertown Sound to maintain it's legitimacy and development.
    Rubbertown Sound was founded by Herb James and Billy Pitman. They worked with Sony(Herb's brother), Mr Ellis founder of 'The Reporter' newspaper of Akron, Ohio. There are many other individuals to mention and a wonderful story to tell about Rubbertown Sound an organization that gave hope and promise to some of the best fresh young aspiring talent the world!! Few are left to tell the story.... This fact and the recent passing of James 'Chopper' Veal of the Cashmeres has prompted me to at least share the pieces of the Rubbertown Sound experience that I recall!:) I still love and have to write/sing/produce music here in Rubbertown.... I pray we 'bounce' back to a more fun, funky and as Pat would say "Get down" music that made us all have joy dancing and hope singing and yes... Love, peace and soul!!
    To be continued!

  2. Thank You Grand Mah. Your comment is really appreciated.

  3. Hello again, you are welcome! If you have heard or know of James Igram, he played keyboards on both of the Lucky Charms recordings. James Ingram has won Grammys and still recording and doing concerts. Again there's more of the Ribbertown Sound story to share. This is just another start!:)

    Mery White