Monday, May 18, 2009

Tony Farr and his Swingin’ Steel Guitar

Tony Farr and his Swingin’ Steel Guitar
LP Pop and Country Steel Guitar
Label : JAR

Side One [26571]

1. We Could
2. Woodchopper’s Ball
3. Tenderly
4. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
5. Stardust
6. September In The Rain

Side Two [26572]

1. Wildwood Flower
2. Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
3. Danny Boy
4. I Love You Because
5. ?
6. Steel Guitar Rag

Tony Farr, one of country music's finest steel guitar players, was born Anthony Fardella in New Orleans, Louisiana, October 13, 1937. Tony learned to play the steel guitar and landed his first job by age 15. The steel guitar has continued to be his bread and butter instrument. He also plays piano, rhythm guitar and dobro.

Tony moved to Dallas, Texas, as about 20 years old. There, he really began to accomplish things as a professional steel man. There, he worked the BIG D Jamboree with some of country music's best. Around this time, he got a job working for George Jones and became known as one of the Jones Boys.

After this, Tony began working with George Kent. whom he had known since childhood. Working with Kent took Tony to Minneapolis, Minnesota. There, he worked at a place called the Flame Cafe for many years. He backed many artists, such as Bob Luman, Red Sovine, Rex Allen, Sr., and many others.

Tony has worked the road for such artists as Jeanie C. Riley, Tommy Overstreet, Claude Gray, Jerry Wallace and others.

He has worked in the studios in Nashville, Tennessee, for many artists doing recording sessions.

Johnny Garner, who played rhythm guitar and did vocals in the Tony Farr band, got a deal at Imperial Records in California through Tony.

Tony Farr has published his memories : "My Life As a Country Musician: Fifty Years of Clubs and Bar-Rooms".

One of his more recent album "Playing The Fire Out Of It" (Farview LP 1001) is available for download at Red Neckerson's Radio Round Up HERE.


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