Saturday, May 9, 2009

Imodean Lister

Imodean Lister
(Anderson College, Indiana)
I Feel The Touch (LP)
Oracle 29503/4
(Houston, Texas)

Imodean Lister, daughter of Rev. V.V. Lister, pastor of A Mountain Church of God, Tucson, Arizna, enrolled in Gulf-Coast Bible College in September, 1965. Early in her training we realized she had an unusual talent. She has been faithful to this God-given talent in her efforts to develop the full potential of her voice and has combined her talent with a dept of spiritual perception that has given her singing a unique quality enjoyed by all who hear her.

Imodean has sung the soprano solos from many of the great oratorios including « The Messiah », « Elijah », « St. Paul », and the « Prodigal Son ». She was a soloist with the A Cappella Chir and travelled with them from coast to coast. She also has been a soloist at Anderson Campmeeting several times, and traveled with the Christianaires Trio in 1968.

This spring (1971) Imodean was invited to sing for the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast for Texas Governor Preston Smith. The audience of state senators, representatives, and friends demonstrated their appreciation for her singing with a standing ovation.

Robert A. Adams, Chairman, Music Department
Gulf-Coast Bible College
[From her previous LP on Oracle released in 1971 recorded and pressed in Houston, Texas]

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