Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Capreez on Sound

The Capreez
Sound 149

17951 - It's Good To Be Home Again
17952 – How To Make A Sad Man Glad

Produced by Larry Lick and Johnny Powers

Also on Sound by The Capreez (not Rite) :

126 : Over You b/w Rosanna

Label owner Howard Walker almost went bankrupt when "Rosanna" hit because he couldn't afford all the pressings he needed to support the demand and he wasn't getting paid fast enough by the distributors.
171 : Soulsation b/w Time

Al Reid was the lead singer of the Capreez. Before that, he was with the Ook-piks (also on Sound) and played with the Soul Survivors and Messiah & The Goodtime Band.

How To Make A Sad Man Glad

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