Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Mothman

Dor-Cee-A 101

Anne McCoy

Dor-Cee-A 101

24451 - Curse Of Cornshucks
24452 - Mason County Mothman

Spoken word. The lady talks about all the myths and legends that surround the mothman of Point Pleasant, WV and, on side one. about the curse of the indian "Cornshucks".

Mothman is the name given a creature allegedly sighted in the Point Pleasant, West Virginia area. The sightings occured from mid-November 1966 to mid-December 1967. Was it alien, delivered by UFO? Was it a freak of nature? Was it some sort of misidentified bird? Or was it simply a well-crafted hoax?

Eyewitness Descriptions : Unfortunately, no photographs exist of the creature -- just like a bad monster movie where the camera jams or the film is not exposed properly. According to eyewitness accounts, Mothman stood taller than a man, at 6 or 7 feet, perhaps taller. Its most prominent features were the huge, featherless wings spanning 10 feet across; even more unusual were the huge, red, glowing eyes on the generally featureless face. Some eyewitnesses were unable to recall seeing a head; these reports stated the eyes were actually in the shoulder area where a neck and head "should" be. Few, if any, could remember details about the presence or type of feet the creature possessed. Eyewitnesses alleged that Mothman could fly without flapping its wings, and could match the speed of an automobile trying to flee at 100 miles an hour. The creature never seemed to flap its wings when rising from the ground -- it evidently was able to rise and float above the earth's surface with little or no effort, not making any
sound or noise.

Some people thought that Mothman was a mutant, spawned from local chemical and weapons dumps. Some thought that he was the "the curse of Chief Cornstalk," a Shawnee leader who had been treacherously murdered in Point Pleasant in 1777, and who had finally gotten around to exacting his revenge.

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Note : "Course of Cornstalk" (not Cornshucks) is perhaps the correct title of the A-side.

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