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The Whole Earth Rainbow Band III

The Whole Earth Rainbow Band

A Piece Of Window   

Wrane Beau


Side One  [Rite 33005]

1. Shuck Jhove  (Kimmel)
2. Nocturne  (Lockwood)
3. Nog Jog  (Kimmel)
4. Bom Ba I    (Kimmel-Wintervold)

Side Two  [Rite 33006]

1. Free ESP Duo  (Kimmel-Lockwood)
2. Sometimes the sadness  (Kimmel)
3. Seventy to eleven/thirds  (Tilley)
4. My Lady  (Kimmel)

Personnel :

Steve Kimmel  Vibes, Congas And   Drums
Terry  Tilley , bass
Bob Rockwell  Tenor Sax
Bruce Wintervold  Drums, Percussions  Congas
Steve Lockwood  Fender And Acoustic Pianos
Mike Croy  Cowbell  

Recorded At Dial Communication

Twin Cities group helmed by Steve Kimmel, best known as a vibraphonist, and as the owner of the Rainbow Gallery, a now-defunct local jazz venue.

Discography (LPs)

1972     Whole Earth Rainbow Band     Wranebeau Records #S80-362-2382S
1973     Concert           Wranebeau Records 1329   
1974     A Piece Of Window              
1975     What's A WERB?     Wranebeau 99005 

Above is the drawing done by Mpls Star Tribune artist Dick Guindon for a half page spread on page one of the Entertainment and Arts section of the Sunday Paper.  I don't recall what concert was being promoted, most likely something at the Walker Art Center.  The band was the Whole Earth Rainbow Band which I and local percussionist Steve Kimmel started in 1970.   Source :

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