Monday, January 7, 2013

Miss Lois Powell on Velvet

Miss Lois Powell, vocal...

12597 - I Can’t Think Of Nothing, Baby

...Willie Ghent, piano 
James Brown, drums

12598 - The Long Wait

...Charles Powell, lead guitar
Willie Ghent, piano 
James Brown, drums

Velvet [Records]
General Delivery
Searcy, Arkansa

Previously unlisted Rite pressing.   Posted by Howdy HERE    Side A info found at Arkansas 45 RPM Records  

Miss Lois Powell's "Woo-Ee-Baby", an unissued acetate recorded in Little Rock, was issued by Cees Klop on "41 Years Collector Records - 40 Was Not Enough"  (CLCD 4550).  You can listed to this song at YouTube HERE.  She sounds a little like Wanda Jackson.

A Lois Powell, "Western gal singer" was signed to the short-living Enterprise Records in 1946.  Same "gal"?

Billboard, Feb. 9, 1946

 Enterprises Records ad
Billboard Aug. 31, 1946
Billed as Lois Powell and her Western Band
(bottom right of the ad)

Finally, I found two songs penned by Lois Powell in the BMI database both published by Bolivar Music Co. : 

     1.     Honkey Tonk Town,
     2.     Juke Box Blues      

Searching the names of the three musicians listed on the label leads to nowhere.


  1. Thanks for the Info On Lois and acknowledging my blog post!! great to find out the info on the Rite records. The Blog is top Notch and your work is greatly appreciated!

    Can you give me any info on an LP title Here's Ethel (Ethel Delaney) Ohio Record OLP 67502. The cover is still sealed but it states it is a Rite Pressing. As Soon as the mood strikes me a May crack the seal on it to see what adventures await!

  2. I've heard only "He Taught Me How To Yodel" from this album. Good yodel and I like Miss Delaney voice. Probably from 1973.

  3. If this is indeed her, she is in good company on Enterprise Records, Rudy Valee' was huge (although a bit past his prime as a singer when enterprise was formed).

  4. Head here for more info (when it gets posted up) I talked with Charles Powell the lead guitarist. He actually sang Juke Box Blues for me, very cool. The Lois Powell on Enterprise was a different Lois Powell.

  5. Is this the same artist as Miss Delois & The Music Men on New Colony (OH) 45 - 29389/90 "Take mmE Home Country Roads / Dady Was A preacher & Mamma Was A Go-Go Girl ?