Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jim Bundy Combo (Mar-Ja)

Jim Bundy Combo

featuring Charlie Boykin on electric guitar
Jesse Ennis - Piano 
Jeff Duke - rhythm guitar  
Wayne DeLisse - drums  
Jim Bundy - bass

9453 ~ Rebel Twist (Boykin & Ennis)

featuring Jesse Ennis on Piano 
Charlie Boykin - electric guitar 
Jeff Duke - rhythm guitar  
Wayne DeLisse - drums  
Jim Bundy - bass   

9454 ~ Chop Stick Beat

Mar-Ja Records
213 Pecan Road
Raleigh, NC

sample (poor quality)

213 Pecan Road (2011)
Was the home of Mar-Ja Records

Jim Bundy :

My mother and father sang the songs of Jimmie Rodgers as far back as I can remember. In the late thirties when we got our first battery-powered radio, we never missed the GRAND OLE OPRY.

As a teenager participating in our Future Farmer's of America (FFA) band (I had a small role) and our comedy trio  (I sang lead) at Straughn High School, just outside of Andalusia, AL., we played the music of Red Foley, Eddy Arnold and Hank Williams.  Just as soon as their latest releases hit the local radio station or the drug store juke box we would learn them.

We were invited to perform at state functions, the Alabama State Fair in Montgomery, a week with all expenses paid and a few bucks on the side to perform at the State Farm Bureau Convention in Auburn, etc. We won many state, county and local talent contests.  Heady stuff for a teenager in those days.

Following graduation I entered the US Air Force just nineteen days before the Korean War erupted on June 25, 1950 and yes, I was in Korea a few times but luckily never close enough to get shot at, only close enough to hear the big guns. Later, as an Aircraft Control & Warning Techinician I served in Thailand during Vietnam.
In my first ten years in the United States Air Force, I either sang for a band or was the leader of a group. That's when I started doing Marty Robbins and Jim Reeves. In 1960, I put music aside to concentrate on my Air Force career and my family. We had three of our four children by then.


James Howard “Jim” Bundy, 75, of 1720 Bayleaf Trail, died Au­gust 20, 2011 at Rex Healthcare. Jim was born May 23, 1936 in Raleigh to the late Joseph Roy Bundy and Jean Sarah Boshart Bundy. Jim graduated in 1954 from Hugh Morrison High School, and attended UNC-Chapel Hill. He served his country in the U.S. Navy, graduating from Hospital Corpman school on August 24, 1955. Jim worked for many years with Gray & Creech in sales, and was recently a courier with Quest Diagnostic Labs. Jim was a talented mu­sician, as well as a gifted ma­gician, devoted husband, dad, granddad, and broth­er, and will be mis­sed by his fam­ily and friends.

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