Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peerless Four on Job's

Peerless Four

28343 ~ Peace in the Valley (lead: Clyde Burston)

28344 ~ Someday (lead - Charles Russel)

Job's 1237-001/002
Also Job's 12001 (see pics below)

Culpepper Music Co. Tri-Us BMI

Recorded at Norfolk Sound Studio Norfolk, Va.
Eng. by Martin Culpepper Jr.


Re-issued in 1972 (pressed by RCA Custom Division and distributed by Laurie Records).  No mention of Martin Culpepper Jr.   Frank Guida name added as producer.  Hill & Range publisher added.

Peerless Four (mid-sixties)

The Peerless Four recorded in the sixties on Gospel Recording Co. a Brooklyn label ("Gospel Music for the whole family").   Members comprised Jake Chambers, vocalist ; Clyde Burston, vocalist ; Eddie Luster, , guitarist ; Geo. (George) Butler, organist.

 Martin Culpepper
Job's Records owner
Photo from his own website

Martin Culpepper  is a veteran in Gospel radio, known as one of  the Original  Pioneers  of Gospel.

Brother Martin Culpepper is also a member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Announcers Guild, And Vice Chairman of the Quartet Division. Martin  graduated from Paul Henning’s School  Broadcasting in Norfolk, Virginia.

Norfolk Sound Studio

Like many regional record label owners, Frank Guida started as a record store owner. From there, he built record labels (Legrand and SPQR, among them) and then started his studio.

Located on Princess Anne Road in Norfolk, VA, Norfolk Sound produced "The Norfolk Sound": Gary "U.S." Bonds, Jimmy Soul and Daddy G, to name a few.


  1. my father Charles Russell sang with the peerless 4 for over 40 years and to me the group is a part of Virginia's musical legacy and history they represent a time when things were simpler and when good gospel music was around for all to hear. when I look online it's hard to find anything from the group other than four tracks on YouTube and I'm trying to help preserve the musical integrity and the legacy of the peerless 4 because the way they carry themselves the way they represented the music in their art is a lost art in today's showmanship

  2. Martin Culpepper 'Was and 'Is a crook!..Everyone who's ever worked with him will tell you that....The Peerless four would have and ''Should have went further but no one wanted to deal with Martin Culpepper