Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sammy Griggs and The Coronets on Job

Sammy Griggs
and The Coronets
Vocal Charles Carothers

CP-1821 ~ Footsteps
(Sam Griggs, Job Publ. BMI)

CP-1822 ~ Long John Silver
(Sam Griggs, Big Song Publ. BMI)

Job Records #100


All other recordings by this Cleveland vocal group were issued in 1953-1955, starting with "Nadine" released by Chess Records, thanks to Alan Freed.

For a few years (1955 to 1959), they were content to just have gigs around town.  At the request of their managers (Joe Petito and Vic Salupo), they went to Audio Studios to cut a couple of songs that Sam had written: "Footsteps" and "Long John Silver."   However, before anything could happen with it,   Pop singer Steve Lawrence also released a tune called "Footsteps," which became a big hit; that was all it took to squash the last hopes for the Coronets.

By the end of 1960, with nothing happening, the Coronets finally threw in the towel and disbanded, "victims of foul circumstance."

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  1. this is a great record... love the Sterling released they did... don't deprive me/ the little boy......