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Riley Puckett (GHP Records)

Riley Puckett
Old Time Greats Volume 1

GHP 902
Recordings For The Connosseur

Rite account #2073 (in dead-wax)


Sine One  {Rite 23551]

1 . Away Out On The Mountain .
2 . The Moonshiner's Dream .
3 . Don't Try It For It Can't Be Done 
4 . Dissatisfied .
5 . Send Back My Wedding Ring .
6 . Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie .
7 . Ragged But Right .

Side Two   [Rite 23552]

1 . I'm Going To Georgia .
2 . On The Other Side Of Jordan .
3 . I'm Getting Ready To Go .
4 . Clover Blossoms .
5 . Curley Headed Baby .
6 . Call Me Back, Pal O' Mine .
7 . Frankie And Johnnie        

Collection of songs by famed country music singer and guitarist Riley Puckett.(1894-1946)   Late-'20s Columbia and the mid-'30s Bluebird sides assembled by East German country music aficionado Gerd Hadeler on his own GHP Records (Cuxhaven, Germany) (=Gerd Hadeler Productions]

This LP was re-issued on Old Homestead Records in 1978 with two tracks bonus and same cover.  Reviewed by Eugene Chadbourne :

Several different labels took cracks at releasing collections by this fine old-timey music artist during the '70s, and this is perhaps the best one for an interested listener to try and track down, as it provides the most complete span of Riley Puckett's career.   It contains work from two different prolific recording periods, the late-'20s Columbia sides and the mid-'30s Bluebird era.   Liberated from his sideman role in the old-timey group Gid Tanner & the Skillet Lickers,   Puckett lets loose with his own guitar style here as it had never been heard before. He has his own peculiar sense of humor and outlook on life, and some of the opinions he expresses may not be politically correct to the hearts and minds of later eras, so watch out.

This entire package was previously released on the GHP label, with the exception of two scintillating guitar solos. Early cowboy and country singer Hugh Cross shows up on two tracks.

Those trying to emulate the unique Puckett guitar style should heed the title of one of the best numbers here, "Don't Try It for It Can't Be Done."


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  1. If he was from Cuxhaven, then it has to be WEST Germany. It's interesting since I live in Otterndorf which is about 20 km east of Cuxhaven, so about 10 minutes with a car. It seems to me that I heard the name Gerd Hadeler before but can't remember where and when. Will try to find out!