Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wally Cosgren on WABR

Wally Cosgren

21783 ~ I'll Hold You In My Heart

21784 ~ Blue, Stay Away From My Door
(Delmore, Lois Music, BMI)

Orlando, Florida

Produced by Bob Quimby


This is Wally James Cosgren, evangelist, singer and songwriter of gospel and country western music.

Once a nightclub singer, Wally James was converted to the Christian life in 1972 and travelled since through the U.S. singing and speaking in churches, camps, conventions, youth rallies and fellowship meetings.

He recorded at least another record (on Wildwood). "Guitar Fraction" can be heard at Waxidermy HERE.

According to Billboard (April 16, 1966)
WABR Radio switched to country music to become Central Florida’s first 24-hour c&w station, program director Ray Beale announced.
Art Spector, general manager, said: « the big boom today is in country music. WABR is programming the Top 50 C&W singles, new releases and top albums. »


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  1. Didn't Bob Quimby, the producer of this fine number, own the mighty Tropical record label and song poem company?