Monday, February 27, 2012

Billy Van on Commerce

Billy Van

15369 ~ I've Been Saving All My Love For You
(Bobby Bare-Lance Guynes, Central Songs Inc. (BMI)

15370 ~ It's My Way
(Webb Pierce - Wayne Walker, Cedarwood BMI)

Produced by Jack E. Downes

Commerce 5010

Second pressing

This record was first issued on the Jedco label. A discography of Jedco & Commerce labels can be found HERE.

William Allan Van Evera, (1934 – 2003), known by the stage name Billy Van, was born in Toronto, Ontario and dropped out of Bloor Collegiate Institute in Grade 11 to pursue a career as an entertainer.

Starting as a youth, he and his four brothers toured North America as a singing act called the Van Evera Brothers. After leaving his brothers and dropping "Evera" from his name, Van was initially known as a singer, leading The Billy Van Four and later The Billy Van Singers and making frequent appearances on Canadian variety television shows such as Fancy Free.

The single "I Miss You" / "The Last Sunrise" by the Billy Van Four, released on the Rodeo International label, peaked at number 29 on the CHUM Chart in Toronto in March 1961. It was issued in the US on Phil LaGree's LaGree Records, a Los Angeles label.

Billy Van & Vanda King - The Telegram Operator / Nightcap CBC

Sketch from the long running Nightcap series.


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