Friday, February 24, 2012

Charlie Tramell on Tram

Charlie Tramell with Charley Scott Group

CP-2228 – I Go For You (Trammell)
CP-2229 – Cuttin’ Out (Trammell)

Tram Records T-81459

[Rochester, New-York]


"RnB shuffler"

Charlie Tramell (or Trammell?) had at least two other singles that he advertised in the Ebony Magazine :

November 1961 : For only $2.00 Get exclusive Record without a song by vocalist & speaker Charles Tramell.

February 1973 : Get the record "Impossible Dream" by singer Charlie Tramell, famous for making his own records.

Both had addresses in Rochester, New-York.

label pics & audio credit : ebay donnchriss (Hackensack, NJ)


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