Monday, February 13, 2012

Ralph DeBord on Harp

Harp No #, Rite Acct# 1107, 1963
11143 - "Jesus Died For You," an original composition by Ralph DeBord.
11144 - "Filthy Sea Of Sin," written by Ernest Carter and originally released by Ernest Carter and The Hymn Trio in 1962 on Ark 227 (which is another Rite pressing).

Both songs are solo country gospel ballads with steel guitar breaks. This is probably Ralph DeBord's only record.
  • May 22, 2004, Middletown Journal, Middletown, Ohio; Ralph F. DeBord, 63, of Middletown, died Wednesday, May 19, 2004, at his residence. He was born in Malone, [Morgan County], Ky., on Oct. 12, 1940, to parents Charlie and Eunice (Haney) DeBord. Ralph worked as a machinist for AK Steel until his retirement in 1994. He enjoyed playing music and working on and restoring automobiles.
This is currently the earliest documented release on the Harp label. However, there is likely to be at least one more. Based on the Rite account # 1107, that # should have been assigned to a new Rite account around matrix number 10201 at the latest. Look in your collection and see if the first Harp release is waiting there to be discovered!

There's no publishing credits on the record which is not uncommon among Rite pressings and the writer credits are listed under each song title. So who are "T. Scribner and B. Harp" listed on the left side of each label? Apparently they are the owners of the Harp label.

Around 1967, the Rite account # for Harp changed to 1776. This account # also appears on all releases on the Baron label which is also located in Trenton, Ohio (at the time, a small one traffic light town.) Either Harp created the Baron label or Baron bought out Harp as they became the same company.

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