Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tony Columbo on Chime

Tony Columbo Sings

27005 – I’m Gonna Run Away From You

27006 - That's The Way I Feel

Chime Records


A Tony Columbo was singing in 1954-1955 along the Hudson Valley in the New-York State. Tony crooned in the Tropical Inn, Port Ewen in 1954 (Johnny Michaels and his orchestra featuring the romantic voice of Tony Columbo, and in 1955, the famous Tony Columbo was singing your favorite songs in Kingston, at the Schoentag's restaurant. And so on...

Another (or the same?) Tony Columbo (1928-1975) was a member of a vocal group named The Stylers, who enjoyed some success on Jubilee Records (1954-1957), Golden Crest (57-?) and... on the Tamla-Motown's Gordy subsidiary in 1963. The Motown Junkies didn't like at all this (last?) Stylers recording ("This really is some spectacular crap.") effort.

There was a Chime Recording Studio located in Hartford, Connecticut, which had releases on the Cherry and Rock-A-Bye labels pressed by Rite Records. But that was in 1963. I don't think there is a relation.

A Chime label was out of Hempstead, N.Y. (owned by Will Wheeler) but, again, probably not related.



  1. Not bad considering its 1970! Nice guitar could have been made a lot earlier & not issued?

  2. The Motown Junkies guy ought to have his head examined--he hates all white artists on Motown--he also hates the more obscure black artists too!!!

    1. This would have had more impact if you'd said it on my site (and to my face!).

      You're entitled to your opinion of the Stylers 45 - indeed, I'd be grateful if you'd share it, I'm always keen to read (and publish) dissenting views! - but I'll thank you not to come up with entirely unwarranted horseshit about me like your last sentence, please.