Monday, July 4, 2011

U.V. St. J. Baptist Church Choir

With U.V. St. J. Baptist
Church Choir
100 Voices

B.C. McCarley Pastor
Andrew Brown Director


CP-6667 - Jesus Will
CP-6668 - You Don't Know How Blessed You Are (Andrew Brown)

Black gospel


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The St John Baptist Church [Buffalo, New-York] was founded in 1927 by the late Reverend Burnie C. McCarley. Rev. Burnie C. McCarley served faithfully as Pastor until 1972.

The St. John Baptist Church is one of the leading houses of worship in the city of Buffalo and has acclaimed national and international status.

On YouTube, a documentary takes a special look at the history of the St. John Baptist Church, from its humble beginnings inside a storefront to becoming a prominent church within the city of Buffalo, New York. The story of this historic church is told through archival photos and film footage as well as personal interviews. Reflections of the first 2 ministers, Rev. Burnie C. McCarley and Rev. Dr. Bennett W. Smith, Sr are also shared within the video.


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