Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Many Days on Unlimited Sound

How Many Days
featuring Mike Miller vocals

42361 A - Afternoon in Columbus
42361 B - Afternoon in Columbus (instrumental)

Unlimited Sound Recording 501

(Columbus, Ohio)

Produced by Quandours Williams and Albert Scales III.


Currently auctioned at eBay by Roly Poly. See the auction HERE.

"Phenomenally rare private pressing. recorded in Columbus OH" says Roly Poly. Phenomenally high is the starting bid : 1;700 US$. Phenomenally optimistic is Roly Poly.



  1. Have you noticed lately,he has dropped the price to a starting bid of $1200?,I doubt that he will even get anywhere close to that,but i could be wrong:),Especially since he does not have a sound clip with it.