Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chuck Bates on Jay Kay

Chuck Bates

Jay Kay 1001

13387 –Down Down When the Sun Goes Down
(R.Robbins, B.Lee, T.Stiles, Beat Music BMI)

13388 - Why Can't I Get You Home On Time
(R.Robbins, B.Lee, T.Stiles, Beat Music BMI)


Out of Cleveland, Ohio. Redheaded manager and producer Redda Robbins involvment (she (co)wrote both sides). Chuck Bates had another 45 on the same Jay Kay label, also numbered 1001 :

b/w Just a Dreamer


  1. I lived down the street from Chuck Bates in the early sixties. I used to hang around with his sisters. I was eleven or twelve at the time. Chuck was the super star of the neighborhood. I remember being at his house one day and he said to me,"Listen to this song I just wrote." He then sang a verse and chorus of Colleen. Does anyone know whatever happened to him? He was a great guy and I idolized him.

    1. I lived across from Chuck and his family (brother Ralph, sisters Maureen and Linda) and lost contact w/him when they all moved to Calif. in the 60's. If you have any info on him or how I could reach him or a family member, please email me at Thank you!!

  2. I am helping my Father find anything on the Internet associated with Chuck.
    To my knowledge, Chuck past away some time ago.
    His brother Ralph and sister Linda are still living.
    My father was a good friend of Chuck.

  3. I am very sorry to hear that Chuck passed away. I would love to be able to make contact with his family.