Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cara Stewart, Dwight Duvall on Brosh

Cara Stewart
CP-4693 - Yearning
(C. Angel Brosh Music BMI)

Dwight Duvall
CP-4694 - Blue Memories
(Johnson; Greenlaw, Brosh Music BMI)

Brosh Records #100

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"There are only a handful of documented releases on the Brosh label (pronounced "Broash", we're told). At least a few of them, as documented on the AS/PMA website, were clearly not song-poem releases, while others clearly were. This one, which likely was the first release on the label, would appear to fall into the latter category...
Read more about this record (and hear both sides) at Bob Purse's blog "the Wonderful and the Obscure " HERE


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  1. I now list 21 releases on Brosh & Jacob Carle and I've spoken with Dwight Duvall. He had other releases on Clock, Air and Neale.