Monday, July 25, 2011

Superjack on Superjack


31939 - Get It Out Of Our Minds Girl
31940 – Unsung Song


Recorded at RCA Victor Nashville;
Arranged by Cliff Parman;
Produced by Jackson Taylor / Cliff Parman;

Frederick Music Co. (BMI)

Jackson Taylor was born in Portage, Wis. on November 26, 1942, the son of Thomas and Margaret (Tucker) Taylor. He graduated from Green Lake High School and attended U.W. Madison. Jack was a member of BMI as a song writer, and was the Doggie Sox Manufacturer in Green Lake. Collecting classic cars was a passion for Jack, and he won numerous trophies for his cars. He also was the coordinator of the Green Lake Car show for 20 years.

He passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, at the University Hospital in Madison.

He did invent, patented and manufactured the Doggie Sox :

One of the more interesting new creations in the kennel collection is Doggie Sox. But it’s not a joke. « Salt on the sidewalks is like acid. It cracks dogs’ feet, » says inventor Jackson Taylor. « There’s been foot protection for dogs before. We’ve bought rubber foots for our poodle and had to throw them away. They don’t stay on the dog. We’eve got a suspender system that keeps these socks on. »

New York Magazine - Vol. 16, n° 41, 17 oct. 1983 Putting on the Dog, article.
Patent 4633817
Protective footwear for animals
January 6, 1987
Protective footwear for animals includes a suspender system for retaining two-piece bootees on the animal's feet. The bootee comprises a sock of warm and comfortable yarn which is inserted into and joined to a boot of deerskin...

And he wrote books also ("The Professional approach to selling your songs", 1979)...

Back on topic. It's rather unusual to see the names of renowned musicians printed on the label of a Rite pressing : Cliff Parman, arranger and producer of this disk, started in Chicago in the forties and later in Nashville. He co-wrote "Pretend", a Nat King Cole hit in 1953. He arranged recordings by such artists as Esther Philips, Joe Henderson, Cal Smith, Bobby Helms, ... to name a few.

Frederick Music, the publishing company, was owned by Bud Brandon, with whom Cliff Parman worked in Chicago.


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