Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jimmy Simms Thunderbirds on Peppermint Lounge

Jimmy Simms

Peppermint Lounge 34542/3
Madeira Beach

8527 ~ Twistin' On The Beach
8528 ~ Shuffle Twist

Galaxie Productions


★ ★ ★

With exceptions, the barrier islands are still mostly white ; our diversity is European. Thousands of the wealthy from England, Germany and the smaller European countries choose to live here – or « maintain homes » here – either on the islands or on the Bay or the Bayway. Until 1962, when Ronny Lowe and the Dominoes played the Peppermint Lounge in Madeira Beach, blacks couldn’t even be in the band out here.

From "On the Whispering Wind", a novel by Dan Allison, 2002.

That's for the location general atmosphere. Now, I can't find a thing about Jimmy Simms or about the Thunderbirds or even about Galaxie Productions...

In an aside, the very same label design with the peppermint stick can be found in 1973 on the label of a George Westermeyer III & The Tyme Machine release (It's So Nice To Be With You) recorded Live at the Stouffers "Grog Shop" (Ohio), on the Peppermint imprint, also pressed by Rite Records (#31191/2).

Same design, not related (in all likehood)



  1. I remember Jimmy Simms, my husband, Harold Floyd was the lead guitarist and vocal singer in the background on the songs "Twistin on the Beach"

  2. I remember Jimmy Simms, my husband Harold Floyd was the lead guitarist and vocal back ground singer on " Twistin on the Beach".. I remember the night they recorded this record, it was after a gig at the Peppermint Lounge club.