Thursday, January 1, 2009

Raven Records

The Secrets

18569 - Somethin Good For Me
18570 - Love

Writer of both songs is Ivan White. Div JLJ Enterprise.

"G45 Legends" is a list of the 1000 rarest USA 60's garage 45s, and rates them according to musical appeal, rarity and collector consciousness. This record is 194 on that list. The entry states:
"A moody, atmospheric ballad with simple chords and raw production, yet stands out from the pack and sticks in the brain. This is another ultra-rare disc. We know of only 3 copies and estimate 5 or less in collections worldwide. Unknown even to many hardcore collectors, it hasn't been compiled [
Ed. Yes it has. On Gravel Vol.1 US Sixties Garage at its Best] and is rarely seen. The primitive flip seems to have accordion backing and veers towards doowop territory."

Johnny Apollo

17829 - You're Sixteen
17830 - Shake The Hand Of A Fool

Teen. Director J. Hutcheson.

A-side is a cover of the Sherman Brothers-penned song that reached number eight in the charts in December, 1960 by Johnny Burnette on Liberty Records.


Despite hours of research, I cannot tell anything on this Raven label (obviously not related to the Cincinnati-based Raven which was the subject of a previous post by Dan). Nor about The Secrets or about Johnny Apollo. I don't think this Johnny Apollo is related to any of the other(s) artist(s) of the same name on Big Top, Luna, GNP-Crescendo, Kris and Star-Phone. Most of (all?) these are by Crystalette recording artist Johnny Stark.

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