Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Kim & the Personalles

Little Kim & the Personalles
JAY-EM 215 (1965)

15687 - Talk About Love (vocal Barry Hill)
15688 - Real Sharpshooter (vocal Len Trotter)

Currently offered at E-bay and [modestly] described as a "nice ohio garage (ballad of sorts) b/w funky mod organ garage". The seller is motorcitymusic from Detroit, Michigan who has always pretty nice pictures of both sides of the records he has to offer.

Months ago, another description of the record was quite ecstatic : "This is a mega-rare RITE pressed 45 from the Middletown/Cincinnati area of Ohio. Side A is a amateur northern soul sound, with a definate beach sound, like something from the Carolinas. B-side is a gritty R&B mod soul effort very organ heavy, and a superb dancer. Just cannot stress how rare this 45 is, probably had a pressing of 100 copies."


  1. Well Shiver me timbers! What a fantastic site. I have hundreds of records listed in my databases that may be Rite pressings and now I can do serious research to confirm information on them.

    Since you display the actual record you are discussing, will you in the future have download capapbility (like Uncle Gil's site)? There is no way to get the actual record anymore so downloading is the only way to hear the nusic.

    Please keep up this excellent work.

  2. My main purpose is to find "new" Rite records and their pressing numbers not listed anywhere.

    It's also a research of information on artists and labels on records pressed by Rite.

    I may offer from time to time a audio file, but you'll never find here much stuff to download.

    Thanks for your interest and for your support.

  3. The auction ended today at US$ 24.99.
    (That was the starting price). Only one bid.