Monday, January 5, 2009

The Torques

The Torqués
LP "Zoom", 1964
WA 64-010
Rite # 12045/12046
Kenneth Raymond Wight & Associates, Princeton New Jersey

Do You Wanna Dance
You Can’t Sit Down
Out Of Limits
Chances Are
On Broadway
The Bird
The Lonely Bull
Watermelon Man
It Ain’t Necessarily So

George W. Bush, like Kerry, attended prep school in New England. At Bush's alma mater, Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts, the top band was the Torques. There are several reports that he sometimes performed as a "clapper" with the Torques. It's unclear what rockin' roles Bush might have performed.

Most importantly, the LP has the Kenneth Raymond Wight & Associates imprint, which is, I'm sorry to say, absolutely unknown to me. I'll list here three more records - all LPs - produced or recorded by this Princeton studio, which were specialized, as it seems, by the recordings of various prep schools and college frat bands of the area.

The Bird was compiled on the LP The Big Itch [Mr. Manicotti MM 328] wrongly titled Surfin' Bird.

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