Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stormy and the Shandels

Stormy and the Shandels
J. Sellers, D. Spees, T. Thompson

Piper P-101 (1966)

16143 - I Still Love You
16144 - End of the Line

Rite account # 1641

Recorded at Cummings Studio Paducah, Kentucky.

Auctioned at the moment at e-bay by pistolsamson from Evansville, Indiana, this obscure record is described in this way : Folk Pop Psych
Female vocal- mix between Marianne Faithful and Hope Sandoval. Accoustic. Ethereal. Moody. Romantic.

C. Cummings credited as the songwriter of "End of the Line" was also involved in the recording of another Paducah act, slightly less obscure, called The Moxies. The 45 without a name other than the band name was pressed by Century Custom Recording Service ("I'm Gonna Stay" b/w "Drinkin Wine", Century Custom 26070).

The Century Custom Recording Service franchise in Paducah was owned by one Thomas F. Morris who produced local acts like Danny and the Demons (on Double Dee) or The Rivals (on Emperor).

As for Stormy and the Shandels, you probably know as much as me!

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