Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bible Tones Of Buffalo

Bibletone's Of Buffalo
(lead : J. Moore)
Mo-Do 112

26075 -I've Got Religion
26076 - Jesus Cares

Black gospel with guitar , recorded April, 10 1970 at 50 Orange Street, Buffalo, N.Y, that's what the home of William Nunn, Sr.

William Nunn, Sr., in his early 40s, was a local factory worker, union leader and father of two sons, Billy, Jr. and Bobby. He was married to a telephone switchboard operator. His family lived at 50 Orange Street, in an impoverished African-American community known to locals as the Fruit Belt (because all of the streets are named after fruits).

Being a talented saxophonist and having come from a background singing in a local harmony group known as The Parakeets in the late 50s & early 60s, William Sr. valued song writing immensely. With no real local business model, he was forced to improvise resulting in the birth of Mo Do Records.

He began building a music studio is his own basement. Reaching out into his neighborhood, he invited young people into his home to express themselves through music. Offering his own investment and belief in their talent in return for their discipline and hard work, he encouraged his guests to work toward careers as professional recording artists. In addition to the label, Bill, Sr. owned two venues, Jan's Supper Club and Club Mo Do.

At some point, William became so frustrated with the low quality of Rite's pressings. Upon a visit to the plant in Cincinnati, much to his dismay, he found a boy younger than Bobby (William's son) operating the equipment! Thus he immediately switched pressing to Queen City Albums, another local Cincinnati plant which explains why "Don't Leave Me (Girl)/(I) Gotta Find A Way" can be found on both Rite and QCA pressings. All of the following releases used the familiar QCA pastel tri-color flower backdrop.


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